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Surgical Abortion Explained

Surgical Abortion Explained


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Surgical abortion pertains on the process of removal of the pregnancy in the vagina through the help of an expert doctor. This can be done with or even without anaesthetic. It will all relies on the decision of the patient upon the discussion of the procedure in the consultation.

Before the abortion process, your doctor will examine your pelvic and do an ultrasound before doing a procedure. This will identify the phase of your pregnancy. Medical history, physical exam results, lab test and the stage of the pregnancy will be the basis of the decision of the place where abortion should be performed. Oftentimes, it is being done within 14 weeks. The most standard method among the abortion process is known as the vacuum aspiration. Most probably, they will utilize local anaesthetic or simply freezing. But , in some ways, it is much preferable to use general anaesthetic particularly in the hospitals.

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There are two known kinds of surgical abortion. First is the early surgical abortion which is being performed between six to fourteen weeks and the second one is being performed between 15 to 19 weeks of pregnancy. Most of the health practitioners never do any kind of abortion if it already later than 19th week of the pregnancy not unless it would take the life of the woman into the risk.

But this abortion method cannot be done on early pregnancy. This simply means that you need to wait for the right time for it to remove as soon as you already know about your pregnancy. But if waiting is big deal, then they can choose for medical abortion. Many ladies out there strongly insist that it is much better if they will remove their pregnancy earlier since it is just only a single mass. Medical abortion is not advisable after 7th week of pregnancy.


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When you go with a surgical abortion, you should anticipate up to four appointments. Your first appointment will tale one to two hours since it involves various test, exam and verification of the pregnancy. They will send you off again so you can have some time to think again and make your final decision.

But if you pick to have an early abortion, perhaps your next visit will be the procedure proper. Keep in mind that you have to eat 2 to 3 hours the procedure. After that, anything else will be discussed by your chose medial professional. Are you looking for some help, www.fpawomenshealth.com can be provide you.

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